What Unwanted Hair on Different Body Parts Says About Women’s Health


Whether we prefer it or not, we all have physical hair. They are very regular and should not worry about you, even if you are not a big fan. However, if its areas and texture have changed, it may be a sign of well-being difficulty and this text will inform you.

We found out what could make adjustments in body hair progression and when you might want to see a specialist.

Let’s see what kind of physical hair we might have.

Vellus hairs are these very lean little hairs that mainly cover your entire physique, they are so beautiful that you barely discover them.
Terminal hairs are much longer, stronger, thicker, and generally much darker than calf hair and we begin to have them throughout puberty. This is the kind of hair that starts to grow when our physique undergoes critical hormonal adjustments, and that’s what you could monitor.


When you see a sudden progression of thick, dark hair on so-called boys’ patterns, try your grandmother’s photos. No matter what we have now achieved with fashionable know-how, we are not able to fool genetics.


This review shows that completely different ethnic teams are somehow more likely to have excessive hair growth. Women of Mediterranean and central Japanese origin tend to develop this situation. The different ethnic teams are placed somewhere in between.

A hormonal imbalance

The sudden progression of the hair will be caused by a male hormonal imbalance. Every woman and every man has these hormones, and women normally have them to a relatively low degree and a selected ratio to their female hormones.

If your testosterone levels increase, your physique contains too many male hormones and begins to behave depending on its situation. Another scenario that results in an identical result is a lower result in estrogen ranges, which will be the result of menopause for example. In both cases, the male/female hormonal profile will emerge from its usual stability.

Issues related to adrenal glands

The adrenal glands are located above the kidneys and if they do not function in the best possible way, adjustments in hormonal stability, and an extreme progression of physical hair are among the greatest signs.

Different signs of adrenal gland problems:

weight reached in the context of the upper physical
too low or too high blood sugar
muscle weakness

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is another common reason for hirsutism and if you know about irregular durations, it is rather feasible that you simply need it. This situation is caused by enlarged ovaries that include small collections of fluid, called follicles, which require some medical attention. This situation is manifested by various signs:

temperature adjustments
sleep problems

Rare tissue progression

If hirsutism occurs unexpectedly, for example over several months, you should be examined by your doctor. This dramatic progression of hair is a sign of an excessive increase in testosterone levels and usually results from some form of irregular tissue progression, or even a tumor, which releases male hormones. It is not very common, but when adjustments occur so quickly, it is a price test. It is always more important to be sure than to be sorry.


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