A 28-day personal weight loss program: Eliminate fat from every part of your body


Eliminate fat from every part of your body

For men, the average body fat level is between 22% and 30%. Among women, it is between 32% and 42% and increases over the years. Modern times make us gain weight: with things like pollution, easy transport, and fast food. Sometimes getting rid of old habits is a real challenge and the first month is the hardest to change our routine, but it is quite possible to do so.

We know that it is important to find your own program to get the best results as soon as possible. Here you’ll find useful information that can help you reduce the amount of fat in your body in just one month.


First, examine yourself and see if the lower or upper part of your body has more fat. If you coach a game that doesn’t really need to be worked on, you will only gain more muscle, while the problematic part will remain intact. Be careful not to exhaust yourself, but remember that you need at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.

If you have more fat on your legs and thighs, you can start running or just walking, 30 to 40 minutes a day. For people who want to get even more results, it may be good to take aerobics classes. Whatever your decision, don’t forget to stretch.
If you have more fat in your upper body, you can get away with doing less with your legs. An energetic daily walk of 30 to 40 minutes can replace running and weightlifting. It is not recommended to lose weight by exercising with heavy goods vehicles. You will also find that it is more effective to do more repetitions with light weights.


In choosing this training program, you must first understand that we need to lose fat. There are two things to remember. First, when you exhaust yourself with heavy goods vehicles, you won’t lose weight, but you’ll gain a little weight. Second, despite the fact that one-time reduction is popular today, most studies have found that it is not effective. In other words, if you want to lose fat in your arms, you can’t forget to train other parts of your body. In this case, your training will be most effective.

There are several ways to lose fat in your arms:

1. More cardio, but no less than 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. You can try exercises like climbing stairs, jumping rope, jogging or burping. This is a very important and effective strategy for losing weight, which increases lean body mass. To overcome the challenge, you can add tables.

2. Cardio at the same time as lightweight exercises. Try alternating weight and cardio days for 6 days a week.

It’s not enough to take care of your body. Sometimes a double chin and fat around the cheeks can remain even if you lose weight. Remember that doing the same exercises daily will allow you to see the results faster.

Sit comfortably and start moving your jaw while your lips are closed as if you were eating something.
After you’ve finished “chewing,” open your mouth wide. Your tongue should be attached to your lower teeth.
Hold this position for 5 seconds while breathing in and exhaling slowly.
Repeat 10 times.


This part could be one of the hardest to lose is fat. It’s not enough to make abs. There are 3 body types and each of them needs a different program to lose weight:

Ectomorphs are thin and long and have difficulty building muscle. Three days of strength training should be intertwined with two days of low-intensity cardio: such as jogging or step aerobics. Include abdominal exercises such as the bicycle crunch and abdominals in an exercise ball.
Endomorphs have a lot of body fat and are often pear-shaped. Weight training is best for you, but do many repetitions with relatively low weights. Add different types of abs with many repetitions. Walking, jogging and swimming are also good for ectomorphs.


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