Want to Know if you’re Gluten Sensitive? Here’s Top Signs to look out for


Skin and Nails Problems

Not for nothing is gluten known as the “slow and silent killer.” This is owed to its ability to target and destroy major organs of the body system. And in some cases, patients are unaware of the negative effects of taking in excessive gluten. Therefore, it’s best that you know where you stand; whether or not your body is gluten intolerant.

Listed below is are symptoms to help you check your body’s sensitivity with regards to gluten.

1. Unexplained weight changes

Unexplained weight changes


Weight loss or weight gain are possible effects of gluten intolerance. These changes will happen without any particular reason and this is because it happens as a result of metabolic disorders as well as inflammatory processes at the cellular level. Although a quick weight change may be an indicator of other serious medical conditions, you can be sure that the issue is associated with gluten intolerance if it comes with other symptoms of malabsorption.

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