12 Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore


Cancer Symptoms

Women’s bodies are undergoing many changes. Adolescence, maturity, pregnancy, menopause, or perhaps monthly periods can cause changes in their bodies. Some of these changes will be more visible than others and many of you are used to waiting in most cases. However, changes that seem normal are often cancer symptoms that women Shouldn’t ignore. Women of all ages must look at their bodies and seek advice when they are concerned about something.

Here’s what to read out for:

12: Bleeding between periods

Bleeding that is not part of your regular cycle can have many causes, but your doctor will want to exclude carcinoma from the endometrium. Bleeding after menopause is not normal and will be controlled immediately.

11: breast changes

Most breast lumps are not cancers, but you should always check and report the following: dimples or folds of the skin, nipples that turn inward, discharge and redness of the nipple, or peeling of the breast skin. nipple or breast.

10: swelling

If the swelling or blemishes do not improve over time, or if you have lost weight, see a doctor.

9: Skin changes

A change in the size, shape, or color of a mole or other stain may be a common sign of carcinoma. Has it checked out?

8: Blood in urine or stool

Blood in the urine is usually the first sign of kidney or bladder cancer, and bloody stools, often due to hemorrhoids, can also be the symbol of a carcinoma.

7: Changes in lymph nodes

The small bean-shaped glands that surround the body are sometimes infected with common infections and swell. However, some cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma, can also cause inflammation of the lymph nodes.

It’s a good idea to check with your doctor if you have a lump or swelling on your body that lasts a month or more.

6: Swallowing disorders

Occasional swallowing problems are not a cause for concern, but when they occur frequently, with vomiting or weight loss, you should check your throat and/or stomach.

5: Weight loss

If you lose at least 5 kg without changing your diet or exercise habits, you may feel dragged.

4: Stomach pain

Stomach pain or heartburn is often caused by excessive amounts of food, alcohol, or stress (or their combination). A change in the diet every week or every two weeks can relieve these symptoms, but if that’s not enough, see your doctor for stomach, throat, or ovarian cancer.

3: Changes in the mouth

Smokers should be alert to red or white spots inside the mouth or lips, as they are synonymous with carcinoma.

2: fever

Persistent fever that cannot be explained could mean leukemia or other blood cancer.

1: Fatigue

Women often feel tired because they lead hectic lives, but extreme fatigue that does not go away is not normal. With bloody stools, it is often cancer.


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