7 reasons why even a woman who loves you madly can leave you for good


Many men know that women can be charming, mysterious, and unpredictable, but it is only when they pack up and leave. They can slam the door and walk away forever while you’re at work.

We have prepared a compilation of situations in relationships where women can leave their partners, even if they love him very much.

7. She doesn’t feel like she can count on you.

Even women who love their freedom want to be able to rely on someone when they need it. And there are times in women’s lives (such as pregnancy or maternity leave) when they need men a lot. Only a reliable person can make a woman feel comfortable.

6. She doesn’t feel like she’s the only one.

And it’s not just about cheating. For women, it’s important to see that you love them and don’t see yourself looking at other women.

5. You are a source of negative emotions.

You are like that if you are always unhappy, if you are not open to the idea of trying new things and if you constantly reject all the ideas of your girlfriend because you think they are ridiculous. At some point, she will just want to move on to grow up and make her life and yours more interesting.

4. You come from two different worlds.

At the very beginning of a relationship, when we are too in love to care, we cannot think clearly and we ignore many things like the families from which we come, who are our friends, etc. It is only after a while, when the euphoria fades, that we realize that his friends are people we would never talk to or that his family is absolutely unbearable.

3. You’re too childish.

She wants to have children and you want to leave your job and go to Phuket with your friends. Or you want a new game console and the biggest slice of the cake. There are exceptions, but in general, women are not ready to have children with immature people.

2. She is tired of giving without receiving.

Give without receiving anything in return? Good relationships don’t work that way. Two single adults can only be together when the two really want the relationship and they constantly express their feelings in words and deeds.

1. Your plans for the near future are not the same.

You know what you want, she knows what she wants. The problem is that your plans for the future are really different or contradict each other. For example, she has just completed design courses, learned a language, and is looking for a job abroad. You are not going to leave your city or your country and you are looking to build a small house with a nice garden not far from your parents.


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